Pesto and Cheese Pizza

Prep Time: 20min
Total Time: 45min
Servings: 8


cups Original Bisquick® mix
cup very hot water
tablespoons olive or vegetable oil
sticks (1 oz each) mozzarella string cheese, cut in half lengthwise
cup refrigerated basil pesto (from 7-oz container)
bag (7 oz) shredded mozzarella cheese with sun-dried tomatoes and basil or plain mozzarella cheese (1 3/4 cups)
1 1/2
cups 1/8-inch strips yellow, red and green bell peppers


  • 1Move oven rack to lowest position. Heat oven to 450°F. Spray 12-inch pizza pan with cooking spray. In large bowl, stir Bisquick mix, water and oil with fork until soft dough forms; beat vigorously 20 strokes. Cover; let stand 8 minutes.
  • 2Pat or press dough in bottom and 1 inch over side of pizza pan. Place string cheese along edge of dough, overlapping if necessary. Fold 1-inch edge of dough over and around cheese; press to seal.
  • 3Bake 6 to 7 minutes or until lightly browned around edges.
  • 4Spread pesto over warm crust. Sprinkle with 1 cup of the mozzarella cheese; top with bell peppers and remaining 3/4 cup cheese. Bake 11 to 14 minutes or until crust is golden brown and cheese is melted.

    Expert Tips

    For a heartier version, add 1/4 cup diced smoked ham to the pizza toppings.
    To add crispness to the crust, sprinkle cornmeal over the greased pan.

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